Top 4 Factors That Cause Failure to Yield Accidents

Yield Accidents

Failure-to-yield accidents are one of the most common and serious types of automobile accidents. These kinds of accidents have been on the rise in recent years due to a confluence of events, including people’s increased use of mobile devices and distracted driving. In fact, such accidents have reached epidemic proportions in many cities throughout the nation, resulting in a large increase in traffic deaths. 

Failure to yield accidents is typically caused by one driver making an error while driving, which causes the accident and results in personal injury. You can learn more here about the 4 factors that cause failure to yield accidents in Atlanta:

  • Intoxicated drivers

In the last few years, the number of intoxicated drivers has been on a dramatic rise in Atlanta, especially those who are driving when they are not supposed to. People who are under the influence of alcohol often tend to be distracted and will be unable to pay attention during busy traffic hours, which can result in failure to yield an accident.  Given the influence that alcohol has on a person’s driving ability, it is not surprising that drunk driving is one of the top causes of automobile accidents in Atlanta. 

  • Distracted drivers

Distracted driving has become another major factor in failure to yield accidents. When a driver is paying attention to their mobile device, such as cell phone, they are much more likely to make an error or cause an accident. The National Safety Council has reported that distracted driving accidents are perhaps the most common type of automobile accident in the United States. They account for more than 1 in every 6 automobile accidents in Atlanta.

  • Mechanical defects

Many accidents that occur on Georgia roadways are preventable incidents if the driver is alert and attentive. That being said, there are also multiple instances of avoidable accidents resulting from mechanical defects or car malfunctions. 

  • Inexperienced drivers

One of the most common mistakes beginner drivers make is simply not knowing the rules of the road. If a driver does not know what to do in certain driving situations, they could make a mistake that results in causing an accident. Many times, failure to yield accidents are the result of drivers who have little or no experience on Georgia highways.