Stop Saving and Start Acorn Investing Now for Your Financial Freedom

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Saving your money is considered of good habit. By saving, you can have a fund that you can use when you are in an emergency condition. However, if you want to have more assets in savings, you need to think twice. Saving may be good, but acorn investing is much better. Acorn Investing can give you a higher return. Even if it also has a higher risk, you may have a great return with the right decision and strategy. Besides, by acorn investing, you can achieve your financial freedom faster. Financial freedom is a condition where a person can be financially independent to fulfill his basic daily needs without having to depend on his monthly income, or commonly referred to as passive income, income that a person earns without working hard in the accompanying economic activities. Here are some recommendations if you want to have financial freedom for the rest of your life:

Leave the conventional way of saving in a bank account. In addition to very little interest, you also have to pay admin fees every month. Acorn Investing is an alternative so that your money also continues to work while you are working. There are various acorn investing instruments that you can try with low risks, such as deposits, money market mutual funds, and bonds (debt securities). You can also try moderate risks such as mixed mutual funds, gold, and foreign exchange; high risks such as P2P lending, commodities, business, forex, and stocks.

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Acorn investing is not as difficult as it seems. You can monitor and directly control long-term and short-term profits flexibly anywhere at any time. You can start acorn investing in Money Market Mutual Funds; for higher returns, you can buy shares in the Capital Market. Understand that stock prices move up and down quickly. A careful reading of the situation and prediction is required here. The principle of buying and selling shares is straightforward. The stock price is down; buy it. Stock price goes up, sell. However, because of the rapid ups and downs, stock acorn investing becomes risky. Wrong predictions, the money even floated. The “intuition” factor becomes very important. Well, intuition to read stock price movements requires extended learning and experience. Gradually, novice investors are increasingly aware of the ups and downs of stock prices and understand when to buy or sell their shares. The rapid fluctuation of stock prices makes investments such as stock mutual funds recommended for those who intend to acorn investing long-term. At least, the investment is about 5-10 years. However, there are some considerations before purchasing stocks. Those are:

  • Comparison

If interested in several prospectuses, compare them carefully first. A prospectus is a document that contains information about a company’s development plan. Also included in this prospectus is the company’s offer of a share price sale.

  • Performance

Pay attention to the performance of mutual funds in the past period. Observe whether its performance is consistently above the market index performance. What is meant by the market index is a list containing stock prices. This list contains indicators of daily stock price movements of each company on the Stock Exchange.

  • Movement

Forecast future economic movements. This is the most difficult part. We need to consider many factors to predict the movement of the economy. This means it takes foresight in analyzing information.

After you go through the stock learning process, of course, you will understand more about the risks that come with acorn investing in stocks. In minimizing risk when investing, maybe you can start to find out about bond investing. Bonds do not have high popularity like stocks as one of the investment products available today. However, bonds can be your entry point in investing that can increase your income while still working productively. It is generally known that bonds are one of the investment products available and can be found in the capital market. Bonds are debt statements issued by related parties, usually coming from the government or corporations, but can also be issued by individuals. In the bonds or bonds issued, you will find a statement that includes regulations that every bond purchase that is made has an interest that will grow. The development of this interest will benefit the owner in a certain period. Bonds as the best investment product can also be applied to long-term or short-term investment types because they usually have maturities ranging from 1 year to 10 years. If you want to start investing, you can take a look at the following section.

Is it worth it to invest in Acorn?

When it comes to round-up investing apps, Acorns is among the best in the business. It's easy to use, has an excellent education platform for new investors, and simple, straightforward fees. However, whether the $1-3 monthly fee is a benefit or a detriment really depends on your account balance.

Is Acorn good for beginners?

Shortcut: If you are really eager to start investing with little money, Acorns is one of our recommended investing apps. They have no minimum balance. It's a great choice for beginners and the app is very easy to use.

Is AABB stock a good investment?

There are various sectors on stocks you can buy. One of the most popular is mining. If you are interested in having stocks from the mining sector, try AABB stock. Many investors said that mining sectors stock is a good investment. AABB or Asia Broadband Inc will give you a good return in one to five years. In five years or 2026, AABB stock will reach up to +152.58%. It means that if you are investing a hundred dollars now, in 2026, it will develop to $252.58. Interesting, right?

Is AABB an OTC stock?

If you are a beginner investor, OTC or known as Over The Counter stock, is a stock that is traded between two-party through an informal market. A company that sells its stock through OTC, including AABB stock, will see the buyer directly. They will bargain the price between the two without any help from the stock market. Buying stocks through OTC is safe as long as you choose a reputable OTC.

Is AABB a pump and dump?

Pump and dump is a condition where the stocks’ prices are manipulated. The investor may over-promoting the stocks and hold them for a while. Once the price is rising, they sell it. This kind of activity is illegal and considered a scam. There is an issue that said AABB stock is included in pump and dump stocks. However, this issue needs validation. That is why you also need to consult with a professional to avoid any worst cases.