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Ponder From The Deepest Heart

Did today feel so tiring? Or is there a story that is hard to tell? Ponder In The Deepest Heart

There’s nothing wrong with holding it in; However, if it feels so stifling, let’s share stories so that the feeling becomes more relieved. Yes, at least even if only temporarily, so that the feeling is not so crowded.

This is not the first post I’ve written; but it feels so awkward, maybe because I haven’t written in a long time. Everyone has a ponder story, a ponder story and a way to share their ponder story. either by hiding it, writing it down, or directly sharing it with someone he already trusts.

Not easy. Yes, not easy; I know it. Sometimes it takes time to be able to share it, it’s not unbelievable, but it feels so suffocating. There are times when it feels like there is no need to share it with someone.

Only sometimes, what we have done still feels lacking. The decision made feels wrong, until finally it makes feelings grow with regret, fear, and everything that feels so painful.

I know, I’m not very good at making decisions. Sometimes I think; whether the decision I choose is right or wrong, what will it be like? Isn’t there a regret that awaits in the future?

However, at that time I was so confident, as if the decision I made was the right one. however, I was wrong, in the end the decision I chose was wrong and they blamed me. As if that choice was so wrong. Yes, Ponder In The Deepest Heart will know the decision will be right or wrong. if I had known, then I would have chosen not to.

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Actually what is seen from the right or wrong of a decision?

Is it from the results? then part of each process that we have run at that time? Didn’t we fight very hard at that time, forcing ourselves not to give up. I don’t understand, even I don’t understand, what kind of decision is right. Isn’t it from the beginning every choice we make, the decisions we take; there will be risks waiting.

Either a regret, misunderstanding, or whatever. That is my current thought. A valuable lesson that I can take from the decision I have chosen. The steps were so stifling, that it made me choose to stop.

Maybe I did make a decision that I didn’t want. Listen and trust someone to choose it. There are many things that I realized after I made a decision. Yes, it may feel so suffocating. I used to always think, was the decision I made the best one? Will I not regret every decision I will take?

Sometimes, I think maybe not ponder regret, but such great fear. Every decision I made involved someone’s feelings, and it made me realize that it wasn’t me. Trusting someone too much; without believing in yourself. Maybe that’s the picture for me at the time.

Pathetic ponder . Until finally choosing to blame others; even though I chose.

Not committed; that’s what I thought – Ponder In The Deepest Heart

However; for now, just this time. I want to do what I want to do once in my life; maybe this is no longer a matter of regret. but, facing the fear that I chose this time.

At least, just this once.

It felt so hard, it felt so suffocating; but trying my best is the only thing i can do. that’s the choice. not an option if it’s not risky. Try your best, but the heart is not moved, it will only make it difficult for your ponder. Simple. But it’s the decision that defines you.

Let’s try to accept ourselves; decide something you want to do without involving other people’s feelings, but belief in yourself, a belief that this is what you do, that you choose. A decision without blaming yourself, others, and without regrets in the future.

Regret may be present, even though it may be present in the deepest heart; but, at least we’ve tried the best according to our own version. just a little trust, Ponder In The Deepest Heart is what makes us able to survive this far, without stopping and giving up.

Thanks to myself, who has endured this far. Without giving up, even though it feels difficult, tight, and bears a heavy burden. Let’s fight even harder to be the best version of ourselves.

How do you ponder something?

To consider something deeply and thoroughly; meditate (often followed by over or upon). to weigh carefully in the mind; consider thoughtfully: He pondered his next words thoroughly.

Why is it important to ponder?

Pondering, which means to weigh mentally, to deliberate, to meditate, can achieve the opening of the spiritual eyes of one's understanding.

A Ponder Story of Anger and Sadness Due to Regret

As life goes on it’s not as soft as the new pillow you bought yesterday. So what you do at that time is fall asleep while dreaming of past events. You remember when you took the wrong step and fell, causing injury. Wounds that cause prolonged sadness traumatize him.

A person who regrets his mistakes and tries not to repeat them is indeed a good person. But when he regrets too long and dwells in the ditch of sorrow. So that past regrets surround him, making him angry and disappointed every time he wakes up from his sleep.

When you talk casually with your friends, talk about unimportant things. Things that just make you laugh. But without you realizing that there are one or two words that hurt your friend’s heart. You didn’t know at the time. Then just realized it and regretted saying it.

When you aspire to be someone you know. Then ten years later you are nothing. In your heart you say that just wait, later I will become someone with a name. Then ten years later you are still the same as before. Regret will wake you up to reality.

Your friend who seems kind, but unfortunately he hides his nosy intentions. He is only nice when in front of you. Behind you he is acting upside down. He plunges, trying to tackle and bring you down. But you still act nice, then regret will come to your friend. Then he tried to change for the better. To atone for his crimes so far.

When you are told that you should just follow your parents, don’t be sorry. Then someone said don’t do that, it’s better to just choose this path so you don’t regret it. Maybe their regret is different from yours. Maybe if you take a different path. There will come a day when you will say the same thing.

Don’t take that path so you won’t regret it!

That’s what you will say later. It’s different if you have two choices, and you know that both have different regrets. Then you just choose it. To choose is to be prepared for responsibility.

There is no person who has never regretted his life, his decisions, his mistakes, his behavior, his speech, his writing, his attitude, his anger, his message and his policies. All regrets have a time. Don’t let regret make you hesitate to make a ponder decision. Sadness, anger and disappointment due to regret will be erased in the future.

Because our lives are different, our regrets are different. But we stayed together, and lived through regrets that didn’t really mean much when you think about it. But it will be meaningful when it is interpreted.

Make the regrets that arise as a form of resolution. Changes in attitude to become more harmonious. Changes to a more orderly speech. And more measured thoughts. Regret is not necessarily good, but regret will always be in every heart and when we need it. Because regret will guide us, if we are really prepared.

Ponder In The Deepest Heart

Regret will make us stronger in the future.

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