Play dating apps? Apply These Tips to Have a Successful Dating Experience

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Using a dating app in 2021 is no longer a stranger. Gen Z not only uses this online dating app to find a partner but also to chat with each other and to share hobbies and abilities. However, not everyone can immediately get to know other people. If men are considered more flexible in opening conversations, this is a myth. Not all men know how to open a fun conversation with a woman. But you don’t have to be afraid. We have prepared several things that can help you be more flexible in opening an anti-boring conversation with somebody else via dating apps! Curious? Here are the tips.

Online Dating App Tips

The first thing that we will share can help you open a conversation in a dating app. This is crucial, especially if it is your first time using an online dating app. Without further ado, let’s check the list beneath.

  1. Don’t forget to read the bio: Watch the profile! Usually, photos and bios on someone’s profile have enough clues and can help you better understand your match preferences. This is where you can find the topic for your conversation. Hence, pay attention to someone’s profile is essential in an online dating app.
  2. Pictures tell 1000 words: You can also search for topics after viewing photos from your matches. Try asking about their special trip or concert experience and who is their favorite band. You also don’t forget to post photos from places and when doing different activities on your profile.
  3. You can try some conversation starters: Judging from the bio, do you like watching it? Or Wow, do you like traveling? Where have you been? And start from there.
  4. Don’t start a conversation with an ‘H’ such as Hey, Hello, or Hi, with no follow-up; it is just ultimately dull.

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If you’ve already talked, what are you talking about next?

The common problem of online dating apps is when you cannot continue your conversation with someone else. If you’ve managed to open a conversation, don’t let the conversation die because you don’t know what to say anymore. There are some excellent ways to keep your conversation flowing.

First, give compliments without offending the person physically. Also, think of conversations that are funny, lighthearted, and fun. Although there’s no right or wrong way to talk to someone else, if you start and keep the conversation fun and based on mutual respect, the conversation will not be boring and die in the middle of the road. While you are doing it, make sure to note the things that they like, you can start a new topic from here as well. Overall, being flexible is the most important, knowing what you need to do in any situation.

Like to use Dating Apps? Here are the tips for safety

The development of increasingly advanced technology changes many aspects of human life. One of them is dating or finding a mate. Now, you can find a mate through online applications, lo!

Some people nowadays try dating apps to find a match for several reasons. Not only lucky to be in pairs, but this online dating application can also be an addition to your relationship with other people.

Usually, people who choose to date through the application have difficulty opening a chat when they meet in person beforehand. This application is considered to be able to make it easier for him to interact with other people.

But sometimes, online dating doesn’t go the way you want it either. Many feel insecure and afraid of being deceived. Well, here are some tips that you can make safe tips for starting online dating.

  • Define Platform

Today there are many choices of platforms for online dating. Well, you need to determine what platform you choose to register on. Make sure to choose a trusted platform with a good reputation like Ponder app. This dating app is different from your common dating app. In this app, you can pick your role as a matchmaker to earn additional money when the persons you match continue their romantic journey. For instance, Ponder app will reward you $10 if the persons you match become a couple. You can also earn $100 if the couple continues to get married. Ponder app distinguishes itself from the AI dating app that you are commonly found out there.

  • Don’t Give Complete Information

Cultivate skepticism about your partner’s opponent in online dating apps. Do not immediately believe by providing complete data about yourself. You should avoid that because it’s not necessarily the person in the application that is real.

It’s best to wait until you actually meet and see it in person. If you are sure, then you can exchange more personal information.

  • Try to meet in a public place

When choosing a place to meet for the first time, try to choose a public and crowded place. Make sure the place you choose is not a bar, hotel, the house of the candidate’s relatives, and others.

Which dating app is best for beginners?

Tinder is the online dating site that beginners and veterans alike have installed on their phones. It's easy to use and offers something for everyone, whether you're looking for a casual date, hookup or a serious relationship.

Are dating apps Safe?

Dating apps don't conduct criminal background checks on users, so it's up to each user to determine if they are comfortable meeting up with someone. However, it is important to remember that if you do experience sexual assault or violence while dating online or using an app, it is not your fault.

  • Choose Profile Photo Wisely

You are advised to install a different profile photo from your other social media. This is to prevent you from irresponsible people who want to steal personal information about you.

Do not post a profile photo that can invite negative perceptions. Show good and polite photos.

  • Tell Others

Tell your closest friends or relatives in as much detail as possible when you want to meet a potential partner through online dating—starting from photos of date friends, names, places to meet. This is important so that you can be helped immediately if something bad happens.

  • Go Home and Leave Alone

Trying always to bring a personal vehicle or use public transportation can prevent you from unwanted things. Don’t be too hasty in giving your residential address to a date you just met.

Those are all the things that you should know when it comes to using an online dating app. However, remember to use Ponder app, where you are able to help some find their partner and earn money from it.