3 Things About NFL Preseason Special Bets

nfl preseason

The National Football League is creeping up as the NFL Preseason Special Bets You Need to Make is happening very soon. Now is the time to call your shot and make some bets with incredible value. Today, we are going to look at the offshore sportsbook and decide which of their NFL Preseason special request bets we should put some money on. 

Before the season starts, the NFL odds are as solid as you will see so let’s decide where we can make some solid money. 

NFL Preseason – Philadelphia Eagles And Baltimore Ravens to Make Playoffs +190

nfl preseason

This seems like stealing money from a baby as both teams have the capability to get a bye in the postseason as they are some of the toughest teams. The Eagles have the second-easiest schedule and the NFL Preseason East is still not great as no team really improved outside of Philly. They had an incredible draft and also traded for wide receiver A.J. Brown, so they should win double-digit games and win their division. 

The Baltimore Ravens dealt with a lot of injuries as the running back rooms were injured before the season started and then quarterback Lamar Jackson missed a handful of games. He only played 12 games, but he should be healthy this season and the Ravens are going to make the postseason with improvements on the defense. They will compete for the AFC North division with the Cincinnati Bengals but should settle for one of the AFC Wild Card spots once the regular season concludes. 

NFL Preseason – Kenny Pickett Or Malik Willis Offensive Rookie of the Year +300

nfl preseason

The Offensive Rookie of the Year is not like other awards that are typically reserved for a quarterback, but it’s hard to not give it to one. Since 2004, nine of the 18 winners have been from the quarterback position. Both Kenny Pickett and Malik Willis have the ability to become the starter out of the gate, though Malik Willis has Marcus Mariota in the same quarterback room. However, Pickett should start over Mitchell Trubisky. 

Both the Atlanta Falcons and the Pittsburgh Steelers have a tough strength of schedule as Atlanta is 23rd and Pittsburgh is 29th, so that will be factored in. I don’t think any of the wide receivers will really be as impactful and giving me two rookie quarterbacks is giving me some lottery picks so place that bet as well. 

NFL Preseason – To Miss the Playoffs: Jaguars, Lions, Bears, Jets, Patriots, Commanders, Giants, Falcons, Falcons & Seahawks +475

nfl preseason

Now, this is as crazy as we will get as we have 10 teams that all cannot make the playoffs this season for this bet to hit. The two teams I am really going to have my eye on are the New England Patriots and the Washington Commanders. The Patriots lost offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels and it could lead to Bill Belichick calling plays. 

Mac Jones does not have many options to throw the ball to that will have the ability to create separation. With the Dolphins and the Bills in their division, it’s hard to see them make the playoffs as three AFC East teams in the playoffs seem too far of a stretch.

Then the Washington Commanders made a slight improvement by trading with the Indianapolis Colts to get quarterback Carson Wentz to become the starter. However, the offense did not get too much better throughout the offseason. Defense, they are a good team but their secondary has been struggling the last few years.

All in all, Vegas NFL odds should have the Washington Commanders and the New England Patriots can sneak into the postseason but there are two better rosters in each of their divisions. 

What day is the first NFL preseason game?

The Patriots will face the Giants in their first preseason game on Thursday, Aug. 11, at 7 p.m. ET. The game will be broadcasted locally on WBZ-TV and nationally on NFL Network.
nfl preseason

Do preseason stats count NFL?

Plenty of people choose to ignore the preseason as they await the start of the regular season games. But, while preseason games don't count for wins or losses, they are a huge deal for players up and down the roster.


There are a lot of special NFL lines that you can get some crazy odds on and that will be incredible for your bankroll. Make sure to check out all of their bets as there are some with an incredible value that I did not touch on here. Tell us what bets you are going to make before the NFL Preseason kicks off.