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drunk driving accident attorneys

Drunk driving accident attorneys, Have you been in an auto accident? Do you feel it may be time to speak with an auto accident attorney?  The answer should be yes.  Are you wondering when it is the right time to speak to an attorney?  Whenever you have been involved in any type of accident, you should seek counsel as soon as possible after the accident has occurred.  If you wait, you could be giving up certain rights.  Always speak with an drunk driving accident attorneys before speaking with any other sides involved in the drunk driving accident attorneys

Why You Need Drunk Driving Accident Attorneys?

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What If You Cannot Afford An Drunk Driving Accident Attorneys?

Well, most accident attorneys offer free consultations and many will take your case on a contingency fee basis, meaning that you do not have to pay him or her unless you win your case.  Many times, the attorney will ask for a settlement that will cover his or her costs, therefor costing you nothing out of pocket.  Also, most accident attorneys will give you an advance towards all court fees in case you have to file suit because the settlement did not go through.

What if you were injured?  What if the insurance company offers to take care of your medical bills?  Do you not feel that it is right to also ask for pain and suffering, and lost wages?  Do not feel as though your suffering is worth less.  You didn’t cause the accident, and you deserve compensation for whatever pain or suffering you are experiencing.

As a means of good business, your insurance company has already built these costs into your premiums.  If you do not ever require compensation, the money simply goes to shareholders or to increasing someone’s salary.  You shouldn’t feel as though you do not deserve compensation.  Also, you should know that if an attorney takes your case, that is all the more reason for you to believe that you deserve something, as most accident attorneys will not take a case unless they believe that it is winnable.

What If The Other Side Has Already Admitted Fault And Has Stated That They Will Pay All Of Your Damages?

car accident attorneys near me

That’s great, if in fact they mean it.  There is always the chance that later on they could change their story, leaving you in the lurch if you have not hired proper representation before this point.  Sure, an insurance company will pay claims, but not all claims, as they are in business to make money.  Normally an insurance agent will not offer you anything more than what they believe you are owed, which is many times lower than what you should actually be compensated.  Without an attorney, you fall victim to the insurance agency and risk losing out on compensation that is due to you.

Also, what people say at the scene of the drunk driving accident attorneys often changes once they have spoken with a friend, family member, agent, or drunk driving accident attorneys.  Finally, the insurance attorney will be working for the insurance company, not on your behalf.  Without your own representation you will not know what is fact or false.  You need representation on your side that will let you know what your case is worth, what your rights are, and if you have any obligations in the case.

Maybe you think you don’t need representation because you weren’t hurt or you weren’t hurt that badly.  For starters, how can you know how badly that you have been injured?  Many injuries take time to show the repercussions.  Some injuries may aggravate prior problems.  Even if a doctor states that you are fine, without adequate legal representation, you run the risk of losing out on funds that you may need in the future if these are the types of injuries you have sustained.

What If You Do Not Have Medical Insurance?

drunk driving accident attorneys

When you need to go to the doctor, why should you be responsible for your medical bills when you have not caused the accident?  When you retain an accident attorney, he or she can recommend a doctor that will work on a clien against your settlement which will save you money out of pocket.

Hiring representation directly after being involved in an accident is the most responsible move you can make.  This will not only save you money down the road, but it can help you regain what is rightfully yours in the event that you have been seriously injured.  Don’t leave it up to the insurance companies.  Hire adequate legal representation as soon as possible after your accident.

We are a legal firm specializing in injury and accident cases.  Should you require our services, call to speak to one of our qualified representatives.  We don’t win unless you do.

Midnight to 3 a.m.

Midnight to 3 a.m. has, by far, the highest percentage of alcohol-impaired drivers involved in fatal crashes, more than 10 percentage points higher than the next highest time frame.
drunk driving accident attorneys

Which day has the most drunk drivers?

Independence Day week is forecasted to be the most deadly in 2022, with 233 expected fatalities. On New Year's Day, drunk driving-related deaths spike 116% above the baseline average, making it the most dangerous holiday of the year for drunk driving.

If so, you may be entitled to financial compensation for your injuries, pain, and property damage. An individual who has been injured in an auto accident that was caused by another person’s negligent actions can recover compensation. This compensation provides accident victims with the financial resources they need to cover their pain and suffering, lost wages, medical bills, rehabilitation expenses, property damage, and additional financial hardship.

Regardless of the size of the impact or accident, auto accidents can have wide-ranging affects on the lives and health of individuals.  Often there are medical conditions that develop sometime after these accidents occur, which may or may not be visible to the naked eye.

The drunk driving accident attorneys of Lancaster, CA at Gilbert & Stern LLP can assist you in making sure that all your medical bills are paid for, your lost wages received and making sure that your right to be compensated for your pain and suffering and any future lost earnings is fought for.

No matter whether you are a passenger or the operator of a vehicle involved in a car accident it is imperative that you contact Gilbert & Stern LLP immediately to protect your rights.

The sooner you contact our law office, the sooner we can begin the legal process.

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