Jersey City Uber Accident Lawyer

Jersey City Uber accident lawyer

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About Jersey City Uber Accident Lawyer

To be an UberX driver, which is the most basic level of service, drivers do not need a commercial driver’s license (CDL) in most places where Uber operates in the United States. However, when you start the driver application process, you’ll be told what class of license you’ll need for your chosen job. Accidents do happen, even to the best drivers. Contact an Uber accident lawyer in Jersey City to learn more about your case.

What Are Some Critical Uber Accident Injuries?

  • Amputations

  • Injury to the spinal cord

  • Vision Loss / Eye Injuries

  • Nerve Damage

  • TBI stands for traumatic brain injury.

  • Disc Herniation

  • Injuries to the Rotator Cuff

  • Neck and Whiplash Injuries

  • Bones that have been broken

  • These accidents are terrifying, and in some cases, they may result in death.

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To Avoid Such Horrifying Accidents, A Person Must Meet Specific Qualifications To Become An Uber Driver. What Are Those?

  • They must be over the age of 21 and have at least three years of driving experience.

  • The car’s insurance must be in their name, and it must be in the same state as where they will be driving, and it must meet all of the state’s regulations.

  • A Social Security number is required, as well as a background check. This is what the background check looks for:

  • Driving under the influence

  • have a history of driving while unlicensed, and their licenses have been suspended.

  • Accidents and allegations of reckless driving

  • criminal charges in the past

There Are Specific Conditions That A Driver’s Car Must Meet In Addition To The Driver’s Requirement.

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  • For most cities, the car must be from the year 2000 or later.

  • There may be more strict rules in some cities. In New Jersey, for example, the car’s model year must be 2002 or newer, and it must be a four-door car or minivan. 

  • The vehicle must be equipped with seats and seat belts for four people and state-issued registration plates. 

  • It couldn’t have been salvaged or utilized for taxi purposes prior.

What Jersey City Rideshare Accident Lawyer
Requirements For Accidents Involve Injuries?

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An Uber driver must have a commercial car insurance policy with at least $1.5 million in liability coverage for death, bodily injury, and property damage if they accept a passenger. They must also have uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage of at least $1.5 million, which protects all passengers if another driver causes an accident and does not have insurance or does not have enough insurance. Contact an Jersey City Uber accident lawyer to learn more about your case.

Can you sue an Uber driver for crashing?

Whether or not the Uber driver was at fault, you can bring a lawsuit against Uber and possibly other parties to receive compensation for your pain and suffering, past and future medical care, and other damages you suffered.

What happens if my Uber gets in a wreck?

Generally, if you are in an Uber accident, the company's $1 million dollar insurance policy should cover all damages. However, their coverage limits vary by state. If your Uber driver was at fault or not, their insurance policy will reimburse you for damages if the accident happened in the middle of your ride.


When all of these requirements are met, the likelihood of accidents is significantly reduced, potentially saving many lives.