How to hire a professional bartender service for your wedding or special event

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You might think that your venue or caterer will provide the bartenders for a party or wedding. Don’t be surprised if your venue or catering company doesn’t supply the bartending staff. It is possible to hire your own bar service.

Bartenders are skilled at making drinks and serving beverages. An EXCELLENT bartender can make guests laugh and have fun while they wait for their drinks.

How to Hire a Bar Service

Before you can interview bartenders for a wedding or other special event, it is important to meet them face-to-face.

These are some questions you can ask:

* Check to see if their staff is state-licensed. This is important because many venues won’t allow unlicensed people to serve alcohol.

* Find out how many years experience they have and what type. Tap people with pub-style experience may not be familiar with cocktails.

* Ask questions to verify expertise. Good bartenders are familiar with major mixed-drink recipes.

* Find out if they would be willing to consult on the beverage selections for your wedding. A mixologist can help you determine how much alcohol you will need. Professionals will often accompany you to the liquor supplier to assist you in purchasing.

* Ask prospective servers how they set up their bars, and how they deal with the constant drink demand and empty bottles. They must be in control of their work space, trash cans, and the supply of glassware, beverages, and should not allow others to do so.

* Find out if they can make you a signature drink specifically for your wedding. If you have a tight budget, specialty drinks can be a great option. To save money, you can offer one drink instead of a full bar.

Ask the staff how they will dress. A bartender should wear a white shirt and black pants. You can ask them to wear a vest and tie or casually for bartending services.

* Ask them about their experiences with guests who have consumed too much alcohol. Ask them for examples of how they have dealt with this issue in the past.

* Check with the bartenders to see if they have sufficient staff for your event. For every 50 guests, you will need one bartender.

Ask them what happens if they are unable to attend your event. Is there an alternative company? Ask them who they are.

* Make sure you ask about specific policies, such as cancellations, deposits, overtime fees, payment schedules, etc.


Bartenders who are good at asking about guests’ ages, tastes and preferences will be able to recommend the best drinks for each group. They’ll also inquire about your food and suggest the best wines/cocktails.

Before you visit your vendor, be sure to understand your alcohol budget and to stick to it. Do not allow others to pressure you into buying services that you cannot afford. Don’t be afraid to tell the truth about your budget.

Pay your vendor in cash. Instead, use a credit card. You can be protected by using a creditcard. Your credit card company will help you to fight any charges if something goes wrong.

Last, but not least…before signing any contract, read it carefully. Make sure that every detail is listed. Do not take anything for granted…get everything written!