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Born on April 30, 1985 in Petah Tikvah, Israel, Gal Gadot was raised in Rosh HaAyin. Her mother, Irit Gadot was a teacher and her father Michael Gadot, worked as an engineer (both born in Israel). Her grandfather and grandmother were born in Europe. Fortunately her grandfather survived the Holocaust despite being in a concentration camp whereas her grandmother had left before the invasion happened.

How old is Gal Gadot now?

37 years (April 30, 1985)

What made Gal Gadot famous?

Gal Gadot first found fame when she won the 2004 Miss Israel competition, and subsequent 2004 Miss Universe pageant in Ecuador. And she has continued to work as a model throughout her career as an actress.

All of Gal Gadot’s early memories are of Tel-Aviv because soon after her birth, her parents moved to that city. She first landed a job as a baby sitter during her teenage years and later worked at Burger King. According to Gal, she was raised in “a strict Jewish family,” however, her parents didn’t put restrictions on her hobbies. She indulged in sports and enjoyed riding motorcycles.

Her high school major was in biology, but, she studied law and international relations as an adult. She is glad about the fact that she was tall and therefore, could play basketball, volleyball and tennis at high school.

Since it is mandatory in Israel that everyone has to serve in the army upon reaching the age of 18, Gal also did the two years of mandatory service in the Israeli Defense Force as a combat trainer. That’s where she learned discipline and respect. Her training in IDF also helped her get the role in Fast and Furious.

Gal Gadot is incredibly beautiful. Her chiselled looks made her a hot property for modelling agencies. In the year 2004, Gal Gadot won the title of Miss Israel and participated in Miss Universe pageant held in Ecuador in the same year. She has been featured on the covers of various magazines like Cosmopolitan and Glamour.

Gal Gadot debuted as an actress in the year 2007 when she was seen in an Israeli TV series “Bubot.” She played the role of a secret agent in the action comedy “Keeping Up With The Joneses.” Her other TV credits are Entourage (2009), The Beautiful Life (2009), The Simpsons (2018), Asfur (2011) and Saturday Night Live (2017). She was also seen in a Maroon Five 2018 music video “Girls Like You.”

Gal Gadot on Becoming Wonder Woman, the Biggest Action Hero of the Year

She became known as an actress after appearing in Fast and Furious in 2009. Subsequently, she has acted in many films and is best known for playing Wonder Woman in various DC films such as Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016), Wonder Woman (2017), Justice League (2017), and also Fast and Furious 5 (2011), Fast and Furious 6 (2013) and Fast and Furious 7 (2015).

Gal Gadot sexy married Israeli real estate developer Yaron Varsano in September 2008 and has two pretty daughters, Maya and Alma. Her older daughter Alma is 5 years old and the younger Maya was born in March 2017.

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