Frequently Asked Questions

Can I really make money on Ponder?

Yes, each time you successfully matchmake a couple, where they both ‘like’ each other, you win $10. If they eventually end up marrying you win $1000.

That seems too good to be true. Is this a scam or a pyramid scheme?

No. We make money through active singles who pay for successful matches and through ads.

Is Ponder a dating app?

No, it’s a game for playing matchmaker. Everyone can play it, not just singles. However, singles also get to find great dates – with friends and others in the community doing the matchmaking, not some schmucky algorithm.

Is it OK to be in a relationship and use Ponder?

Of course, because Ponder is an app for playing matchmaker. Most of our users are already in relationships. Upon entering the app you choose if you’re looking for love, or if you’re off the market and want to play matchmaker alone.

I’m single, so why should I use Ponder rather than the standard dating apps out there?

Let’s face it, dating apps suck. They all try to connect you with a stranger through a computer algorithm. On Ponder you’re getting suggestions from friends and other matchmakers in the community. It gets you high quality dates – quickly and without the pain.

Will Ponder post things on my Facebook feed without my consent?

Nope, nada, never. Nothing is shared on Facebook or any other platform without your prior consent.

Do I have to pay to use Ponder?

Not if you’re just matchmaking and not dating. You start off with $20 of Ponder cash upon creating your account, gaining $10 for every successful match (mutual like) you make for others, and trading in $10 for every match that’s successfully made for you. So if you’re already in a relationship you’ll probably make money. If you’re single, you can’t communicate with matches unless you have a positive Ponder cash balance. You can buy 10 Ponder dollars for 10 real dollars or make it up by successfully matchmaking others.

How do I cash out?

Once you’ve made 10 matches for others, you can cash out whatever cash balance you have at that time. After a quick check of your account to safeguard against misuse, we’ll then Paypal you your cash balance with 1 Ponder dollar equalling 1 real dollar.

How do I delete my profile?

Email us at and we’ll remove you from the database.

Matchmaking made easy

Isn't matchmaking awkward?

On Ponder you’re not ‘matchmaking’ in the offline sense of the word. All you’re doing is suggesting two people to each other, for them to decide independently if they want to take things further. If one or both don’t like your suggestion, then they simply skip and move on to the next suggestion. There’s no notification, so there’s no hurt feelings. Ponder takes the pressure and awkwardness out of matchmaking.

Doesn't matchmaking require a lot of effort?

Not on Ponder. With one drag & drop you can suggest two people to each other, and your job is done. You then just lie back and bask in the good karma you just earned.

What if I matchmake two people and it goes wrong?

On Ponder you’re just asking two singles to check each other out. It’s up to them to take things further or not. If they don’t like the other person, they simply swipe left, without any repercussions.

Can I matchmake two of my friends?

Yes, you can matchmake friends with friends, friends with strangers, and strangers with strangers. If a particular friend is not yet on Ponder you can still matchmake them. Just go press the ‘filter’ button at the top right of the matchmaker page and select ‘Browse Facebook Friends’. Alternatively, find someone on Ponder you think would be a great match and share their profile with your friend.

The Mechanics

What happens after I send a Suggestion?

The couple each see each other on their ‘Connections’ page and can like or skip the suggestion. If one of them likes the other person you earn $1, if they both people like each other, they are a match and you earn $10.

Should I be worried about sending suggestions?

Nope. We only send notifications about the good stuff. So, if you make a suggestion and the feeling is not mutual we won’t tell anyone. Nobody’s feelings will be hurt.

I’m no longer single/in a relationship. How do I change profile types?

From the main menu, go to your activity page, and tap Settings in the top right corner. Change your status in the settings page.

How do I edit my profile?

From the main menu, go to your activity page, and tap on your photo at the top and then click the edit icon in the top right.

How do I change my push notification settings?

From the main menu, go to your activity page, and tap Settings in the top right corner. Change your notification settings there.

Get in touch

Help! My app is crashing.

First make sure you are using the newest version of Ponder, so check for updates. Next, try deleting the app and reinstalling it. Don’t worry, deleting the app will not lose any of your messages, matches, or suggestions. If you are still having trouble email us at so we can come to the rescue.

Where are Ponder's offices?

Ponder’ s offices are located at

1010 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 1800, Los Angeles, CA 90017