Do Not Do These Things If You Are Filing A Product Liability Claim

Do Not Do These Things If You Are Filing A Product Liability Claim

When you buy a product in the market, you expect it to be safe for use and consumption. Before a company officially releases its new item on the market, it must assure the buyers that it is safe. If there are any risks associated with it, the company should put a warning with sufficient information on the product label. 

If you were injured due to a defective product or have developed an illness, you can sue the company selling the product. You can file a product liability claim and get compensation for your damages. However, there are certain steps you should not take to protect your claim. A Los Angeles injury lawyer can help you dodge these bullets and reach success. 

What not to do when filing a product liability claim 

  • Do not wait too long to file. 

When people are injured or incur a loss because of a product they bought in the market, they are usually hesitant to take legal action. This is because companies are powerful organizations with strong legal representation. Therefore, it might be overwhelming to file a claim, and some may even find it unrealistic to win. However, this is a wrong conception.

You must file the claim as soon as you discover your injury. There are laws in Los Angeles regarding how long you can file a product liability claim, known as the statute of limitations. If you do not file within this timeline, you won’t be able to collect the damages despite having solid evidence. 

  • Do not post your product liability claim on social media. 

One thing people tend to do when they find out that they have been injured by a product is that they post about it on their social media accounts. Some do it to gain support for their case by finding people with similar cases, while others simply do it to stop other people from buying from the same company. While your posts may be in good faith, they might hurt your case big time.

The defendant could raise the argument that you are not acting in good faith. You might think only your friends have access to your posts, but there are various ways the defendant’s lawyer could get inside your account. It is best to stay off social media until the judge finalizes the case. 

  • Do not forget to look for people with similar cases. 

If the company’s product has injured you, the chances are that there are other people who bought the same item and incurred the same losses. By gathering numerous plaintiffs, you can file a class-action lawsuit and acquire more evidence for the case.