7 Things After Surviving A Two Car Collision

two car collision

A pregnant lady, be it in any stage of pregnancy, should be careful while in the car driving herself or accompanying someone. Oreland’s mother should immediately seek medical assistance in case of an accident like two car collision, however minor it may be. For any legal advice, an Oregon car accident lawyer would help you in all possible ways.

The scariest thing for a mother to be involved in a two car collision is the fetus being hurt inside the womb leading to abortion, any bleeding that might put the mother’s life at risk, possible premature delivery, etc. If you happen to face such a scary two car collision scenario, you need to be certain that you and the fetus are ok.

A few Things A Pregnant Lady Should Do After Surviving A Two Car Collision ?

car collision

1) Mother-to-be should not ignore any medical assistance, however minor the collision was. Some cases show dangerous signs later.

2) Doctor would check the lady for any possible placenta abruption. Possible abruption may sometimes lead to miscarriage.

3) The doctor would typically do an ultrasound scan to check the baby’s condition and the movement change.

4) Mother-to-be will be examined for abnormal discharge, vaginal bleeding, Hemorrhage, etc.

5) Mother-to-be can be kept under observation for a few hours to ensure both are doing good and there is no possible issue.

6) After discharge, the pregnant woman will be asked to be vigilant of any discomfort or any sign that is not normal.

7) If you feel anything is not normal, do not waste time and meet your doctor as any negligence can be fatal to both mother and baby.

A Few Conditions Under Which A Pregnant Lady Should Not Be Driving. Let Us See Some Of Them:

car collision

– Do not drive if,

– You are not sure of the road directions

– You are unwell or nauseatic

– You are allowed only limited movement

– You cannot stop by frequently

– You are in labor

– Airbags are not working

– Doctor is not close enough

Is a collision the same as an accident?

A traffic collision, also called a motor vehicle collision, car accident or car crash, occurs when a vehicle collides with another vehicle, pedestrian, animal, road debris, or other stationary obstruction, such as a tree, pole or building.

What is the meaning of car collision?

Are “accidents” and “collisions” the same thing? The short answer: no. Collision implies there's no one to blame whereas accident can imply that someone is at fault.

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If you are a mother-to-be and for any reason, you have to drive a long way all by yourself, then take all the necessary care for yourself and the baby. Make sure you wear a seat belt correctly. Do not forget to check if the Airbags are working well. Suppose you cannot skip distractions from your phone. In that case, your seat belt makes you uncomfortable, or you are advised for limited movement, it is better to skip driving altogether rather than regretting later, so you will not get into two car collision condition.