5 Diamond Wedding Bands To Complete Your Bridal Set

A diamond wedding band is a perfect way to complete your bridal set. It’s a symbol of love and commitment, so it should be something you enjoy wearing for years to come. If you are looking for a sparkly option that complements any engagement ring or other wedding bands in your collection, here are five great options! 

  1. Classic Wedding Bands: Classic wedding bands are typically simple in design, featuring rounded or diamond-cut edges that provide a beautiful appearance. It is designed with simplicity and perfection in mind. Generally, a classic wedding band has some distinguishing features that make it stand out from others. For instance, it features smooth lines and is symmetrical on both sides of the band, making it timelessly beautiful. 
  2. Eternity wedding bands: Just like the name suggest an eternity wedding band is a ring designed for eternity. It sits along the bride’s engagement ring and promises eternity. This wedding band is typically made from platinum or white gold because it holds diamonds better than other metals. You can customize any eternity ring to feature matching diamonds, gemstones and engravings that come in various shapes and fonts depending on the design you choose. 
  3. Pave wedding band: A pave wedding band features a diamond or another stone set into each “point” on the ring’s surface. This creates a sparkly effect and a sense of more depth than a standard flat or rising wedding band. A pave diamond ring can be worn with matching earrings for reinforcement of the look. The stones in the earrings are often placed to follow the pattern created by stones on the main ring, though they don’t have to do so perfectly. 
  4. A diamond-encrusted wedding band: If you have ever wanted a really big shiny rock on your finger, a diamond-encrusted wedding band is all you need. This pristine engagement band resembles the expensive rings worn by celebrities and wealthy individuals who are not afraid to flaunt their wealth with blingy accessories. You can get nice real diamond wedding bands for women on Itshot.com
  5. A curved wedding band: A Curved wedding band is a surprising revolutionary ring design that empowers each wearer to curate their style and fit. It’s specifically made for the modern, fashionable women who want to stand out with an iconic look yet can’t seem to find any other ring that fits their lifestyle better than the traditional straight band. The innovative curvature of this ring also ensures that your hand will feel no discomfort or irritation – even if it’s worn every day.


If you are looking for a diamond wedding band to complete your bridal set, this blog post is for you. We have compiled 5 bands that will help enhance the beauty of your engagement ring and give it some sparkle! Read more about each style or contact us if you need additional assistance choosing which one is perfect for you.